Greed Amongst Family Friends – Randall Rush vs Jeremy Crawford A No Win Battle

It sure didn’t surprise me when I saw the newspaper headlines about the legal battle between Randall Rush, a $50 million lottery winner, and family friend, Jeremy Crawford, whom he invested money with. When they say money and friends don’t mix, as greed takes over, they are the perfect example.

Even though I am only going by newspaper stories, so I don’t know the whole facts or story from either side, but I certainly can see what happened here that caused a lawsuit to be filed in the first place.

From my take on the events of this story is that Randall Rush, just off his big lottery win, got approached by Jeremy Crawford to make an investment, to the tune of $4.5 million, on the lure that he was going to make a huge sum of money off it down the road. Somehow things didn’t pan out as stated, whereby Randall Rush became concerned that he could lose his investment, less than a year later, filed a lawsuit.

Jeremy Crawford, on the other hand, drew himself a red flag as was living an incredibly lavish lifestyle, as stated by a US judge in the court battle, so probably didn’t help his case any. After some nastiness, according to the newspaper article that quoted Jeremy Crawford, eventually both parties settled the lawsuit.

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Before I go further, I don’t think I need to emphasize that money and friends don’t mix, and that the same applies with family too, so a family friend is no different, as supposedly Rush was a friend of Crawford’s father, or something along those lines. I can pretty well assume that they are no longer friends, and may possibly be a strained relationship between Randall and Jeremy’s father too.

As stated in a previous post, that money is thicker than blood, it unfortunately is true having dealt with it in my own family. And having also helped friends too, have been taken advantage of and turned against as well. Money only works with family & friends if it is given freely with no strings attached, not as a loan, and not held over one’s head for any help down the road either because it likely won’t happen.

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Although I think they are both at fault here, I am leaning on the side of Randall Rush, as to who is in the right here, mainly because I read that he was almost homeless himself and going to use the interest from his lottery win to help those in need plus he is a cat lover, as has a cat named Conway Kitty. Those I can definitely relate to as I came close to being homeless too, would help others if I won a huge lottery and also my cat, who has her own survival story to tell, means the world to me. But I do think he became a little greedy when Crawford offered to turn some of his millions into many more millions, which blinded him into not carefully analyzing the investment beforehand.

My only question would be from having a modest life, then all of sudden becoming a millionaire 50 times over, wouldn’t that be enough? That’s already a lot of money, more than anyone would need in a lifetime, that could do something significant with, without needing more money on top. I mean just the interest alone one could live nicely off and help others as well.

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As for Jeremy Crawford, maybe he meant well but things didn’t turn out as planned and his lesson should be not to approach friends for a large amount of money like that, no matter what the circumstance, because it sure ended badly here and could have been worse.

When you let the greed of money lure you, where you end up stepping on people and getting yourself in hot water, is not worth it. I think if you climb the ladder of success by helping others along the way, that will pay more in dividends in the long run.

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And to think while talking about the rich being petty about their millions, all I’m striving for is in the thousands for a down payment so my cat and I can have a place of our own to be away from family members who have caused me so much stress from their greed and selfishness, putting money above family relationships, even though were helped by me to be in a better position they are in now. You can’t help but ask where is the fairness?

What an ideal world it would be if everyone could put their differences aside and focus on doing good deeds for others. Helping one another is the only way to spread goodwill around.  But the sad truth is, that most are only looking out for themselves…as greed gets in the way of it all!

Update 07/01/20: Battle between Randy Rush and Jeremy Crawford continues on…

Randy Rush has written a couple books. Bloodsuckers: The Life and Cons of Jeremy and Amy Crawford (and the rest of the Crawford Clan)  and 13 Billion To One 

Jeremy Crawford has also written a book too: The StartUp King: The Rise. The F*ckup. The Comeback.

I guess I should work on my book too on my cat’s life and the injustice she recently faced. It will be called Don’t Mess With A Elderly Cat In A Pandemic. Anyone would like to pre-order? 

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  • You should hear from the other side before you make assumptions. CBC has printed false information. Crawford has never had a house seized, does not owe INCOME TAX, and the merits of the case were never discussed in court.

    Crawford went into contempt of court by putting a mortgage on a building to ensure that his staff were paid for Christmas. Crawford’s first lawyer admitted under oath that he never gave Crawford documentation about the TRO (freezing of assets) and also told Crawford that his assets were not frozen, on several occasions. Crawford was simply looking after his staff and had no idea he was unable to put a loan on the building.

    Rush invested in the development of an APP, an app that was completed and available in the app store. After making slanderous accusation about the executive team at the launch party Rush was told that a new investor would be found to buy out his interest in the company. Rush responded with a law suit two weeks later.

    Rush stole the dreams of every investor who was a part of this project and should be ashamed.

    The Crawford family had a restraining order/harassment injunction against Rush but were required to remove it in order to settle the case.

    RUSH continues to harass the Crawford family through social media stalking (including that of his underage daughters) and a phoning Crawford, his associates and landlords. He is in the midst of suing Crawford’s parents who are seniors, they did nothing to this man.

    • Thank you for your input. I welcome to hear both sides and my point was not to specifically blame one person as was only trying to emphasize the greed aspect of it as money and friends (family too) don’t mix, which I know from personal experience. I don’t know the whole logistics on exactly what occurred between the two of them but I did indicate that my thoughts were that there is fault on both sides because the disagreement, about money invested, went before court to be settled. Certainly news media can get wrong info and, if the case, is advisable to have them retract with a corrected statement. It’s very unfortunate to hear that it continues to be nasty between Rush and Crawford and is best, since the lawsuit has been settled, both parties let go of their grievances and move on. The truth of the matter is that money issues destroy relationships, bringing out the worst in people.

    • Hahaha. Surviving the KULT = Jeremy Crawford and he thinks that he’s Donald Trump by saying “FAKE NEWS” when he reads or hears something that doesn’t line up with his broken moral compass.

      • I do believe it is Jeremy Crawford and wish he had put his name to confirm rather than as Surviving The Kult. Maybe he will now reply to comments from Randall Rush if he is in disagreement and wants to clarify anything further.

  • Jeremy and Amy Crawford are serial fraudsters and have been stealing money from investors for Twenty years. We have documented at least 125 people he has scammed to the tune of about 14 mil in cash and cars, houses ect. Jeremy has been sued 4 times for fraud and and least six times by landlords for non payment of rent.
    There are too many court documents and victims to give Amy and Jeremys statement any value. Also Jeremys parents were very involved in the Kult ID scam and that is why they are being sued!!
    The CBC offered Jeremy to comment but he declined!!!
    Two books are being written, a possible documentary ,
    And a Netflix series is being considered.
    CBC is one of the most respected news agencies in the world!! The vetting process is very through .
    Court documents and judges don’t lie
    But Jeremy and Amy have a very documented history of theft, stealing and scamming
    I was one on at least 125 victims, a very long
    Line .
    Jeremy and Amy are very clearly one of Canada’s most notorious con artists .
    The books should be out in May 2017

    • Thank you so much for taking the time in providing your side of the matter. I didn’t find CBC, in the one article I linked to, was biased as they quoted what he told them so if there was any misinformation, I think they would correct it if he provided the details for them to do so.

  • I re read Jeremys post.
    I can t find one truthful statement in it .
    The facts are backed by Kult ID employees and court documents
    1. The assets were frozen by court order.
    There is a ten day window before the judgement is registered. Jeremy used this window and took an illegal mortgage. That’s why he was fined 10,000USD a day !
    2. He didn’t use that money to pay his employees!
    He fired most of them and used that money to go to Disneyland for two weeks. Not only himself, his sister , husband, there kids and his parents Dave and Shirley
    Then a month Later he went back to Disney land again but this time flew Amy’s entire family down to Disneyland, Amy’s two brothers , there wives, and five kids !!
    The Kult employees were never paid!!
    I paid them for that month out of my own pocket ! Social media pics prove that. Also ask
    Any employee from Kult
    3. The restraining order was never signed by a judge because we proved to a judge and the Scotsdale police department that it wasn’t me
    And can prove that in a court of law.
    4. Jeremy and Amy owe millions in back taxes.
    There is currently a 100,000 dollar judgment from the Canadian government in 2013.
    4. We also proved in Court that Jeremys lawyer did inform him of the TRO .
    The lawyer was starting to be very suspicious of the Crawfords and was recording his telephone conversations!! These were played in court . And proved that Jeremy was lying(again) . I have a copy of that conversation and will post it and proving that Jeremy is lying!
    5. An investor was never offered to come in to buy me out . A flat out LIE!

    Jeremy has not changed and is a Sociopathic
    Serial Fraudster.
    Randall P Rush

    • Wow this sure is a nightmare and doesn’t seem to be ending for anyone! Certainly if Jeremy Crawford did all that he is being accused of, he should make amends to all parties concerned.

  • After the last CBC article one guy came forward with a list of 40 more people . 40!! Before that I had my list at 80-85 . His list is at 125 . The difference between our lists was 40
    People. Also to we are constructing
    A web site for victims. I highly encourage you to put your story on line . Amy and Jeremy have been reported to the American authorities. IRS, Homeland security,
    Federal Attorney General and State Attorney General, FBI , and CRA in
    Canada. Jeremy and Amy owe millions in back taxes over the last twenty years. My deal alone he owes 1.3-1.5 mil .
    Take Comfort that The Crawfords are going to Jail . 100%. For Tax evasion. In my case alone there are
    16 counts of fraud!! Collectively
    Over the last twenty years that list has to be way in the hundreds!!

  • I received a cease & desist all defamation email from Jeremy Crawford to remove this article & all comments/threads associated to it or will take legal action against me. I do not believe I have been defamatory to him in any way, if anything been open minded to both sides and only gave my own opinion. I did not receive his threatening email after he placed his comment almost 3 weeks ago, as Surviving The Kult, where he was discrediting both CBC and Randall Rush but only a couple days ago after Randall Rush commented giving extensive information about his case against him. He could have politely emailed me requesting the same rather than the legal action threat approach. His issue is with Randall Rush, not me, so why should I have to remove my article? There are far worse things being said through various news media, facebook, around the internet, than anything here. If there is misinformation and he’s been wronged in any way, he is welcome to clarify to correct it, not bully me to make it disappear!

  • Jeremy threatens everyone with that. He probably send you the definition of the law with the penaltys invilved to. Next will be slander and criminal harassment. He will send the definitions of that to along with the SEVERE legal consequences you will face lol. He sent all that crap to me years ago when he was busy scamming the Edmonton area with big west developments. Doing lots of research on that to the Edm media group inc operating as big west developments. I am looking into see if this company’s g.s.t. Number even existied and if it did was the just under $8000 I paid in gst alone was paid to revenue Canada. Also I am looking in to if this inc company even had a certificate of incorporation. I doubt either existed. Also working again after years with the developers on my unit I paid Jeremy over $159000.00 to that he did not pay most of them just took the money and ran and with a few others 1 way bigger than mine that that he scammed. I think it’s at around 125 people and growing that Jeremy has taken to the cleaners in the millions and millions of dollars. I would advise anyone to refrain from even lending this guy a nickel if they ever want to see it again. He is a career criminal who belongs in jail and that’s exactly where he is going.

    Hi Jeremy. Long time no chat. I see some scammers never change. Thief!

    • An opinion or truth are not defamatory. Maybe Jeremy Crawford should look at what he is doing wrong rather than someone else. Isn’t his Surviving The Kult facebook page targeting Randall Rush? He was the first one to post a comment here and everyone else involved have right to respond to it. If you take one line of his comment and put it in google search, you will see that it is the exact same thing, including the link to his Surviving The Kult page, he is posting in various places.

    • Do you have reference to big west developments (or more info thereof)?

  • It should also be noted that Jeremy is trying to fly under the radar by not using his full name on social media. On twitter he’s “thejercraw” and on facebook he’s “Jer Craw”

    • I believe it is a username for his online brand he is building. He has a website too Some of the influencers especially on instagram and youtube do this. As long as is not used for wrong purposes to harm others. I think though everyone can figure out it’s him.

  • Ya I’ve been watching that to. Face book jercraw not Jeremy Crawford. It’s more or less a joke all his just do it stuff. Also for his partner in crime it’s Amy Lynn Crawford. She hasn’t become amycraw yet lol. Like no one knows she’s as guilty as him. I wonder if they have bolted from that 3 million dollar house they are renting in Calgary on Morgans way yet and are setting up shop somewhere else yet. If so and they have or are changing cities the people there should be warned off the con artists coming to town. No one else deserves to fall victim to these criminals.

    • He’s renting a $3 million dollar home? What would the rent be on that monthly, $12,000 or so? That certainly doesn’t help your case if living lavishly, when some are claiming that he owes them money. Randall Rush is saying his debt owed is $1.3 to $1.5 million and yours is $159,000. I would suggest to him live more modestly, say like $2,000 monthly rent on a home, place the other $10,000 monthly in a compensation fund and start paying back money owed to investors.

  • That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Jermemy has stolen way more that that from a lot of people. He basically robs everyone who crosses his path. It will all come out in due time and he will get what he deserves. A lengthy prison sentence is in his future. I also find it interesting he didn’t put his name on the sieving the kult video when it was obviously him who posted it and that is his voice on there. Guess he’s trying to cover as usual story of his life. Steal, run then hide for a bit and start a new scam all over again. He’s been doing it since he got out of high school. Jeremy I know your reading this. Do you have anything to add or any comments to justify your criminal lifestyle?
    Maybe another bs story they are always entertaining lol.

  • Yep. Jeremy and Amy were in Ontario for a little bit in 2005/2006. Jeremy was passing himself off as some hot shot magazine guy who knew how to make money selling advertising space in luxury magazines. It was basically a ponzi scheme. He collected payments from several people that would be advertising in these high end magazines and he turned around and spent that money on his house and car payments. They also joined churches and would sucker others into helping them out by getting the wealthier members to write them cheques to “hold them over”.

    After he finished fleecing people in Ontario, he had to cut and run as there were a few people that he owed a lot of money to.

    Jeremy and Amy next showed up on the radar as being members of ACN, a pyramid scheme selling home electronics. I don’t know how long that lasted for them or how it ended.

    At first it seemed like it was all Jeremy’s idea and that Amy and their children were sort of victims of his pathological lifestyle, but I’m pretty sure that Amy is complicit in the whole thing as well.

    If there weren’t children involved, I would be delighted to see the both of them behind bars for a very long time.

  • From

    Others have come and gone over the years in an attempt to nestle into the luxury lifestyle category. There was the now-defunct Luxury (Harold Zadeh), the now-defunct Toronto Living Luxury Lifestyle (Jeremy Crawford), the now-defunct Toronto Luxury Lifestyle Report (Jeremy Crawford) and the missing-in-action Toronto Elite (Crawford again).

    The most recent casualty is Privilege, founded in 2005 by ad industry veteran Tom A. Vachliotis in a doomed partnership with Crawford, who was fired early on in the endeavour for reasons Vachliotis declines to discuss (Crawford has also declined to comment.)

    Privilege continued to publish in 2006 and be distributed through the Globe and Mail. This summer, however, Vachliotis says Privilege was punctured by a hostile takeover attempt by its primary creditor in August. The creditor foreclosed. The status of Privilege is unknown; the website is down and no one answers the phone.

  • I do know that Jeremy and Amy are for sure in on this whole lifestyle together. I also know that they pass them selves off as good Christian type people and a lot of there victims are good church going people and they prey on them big time. When Jeremy and I first met and started doing business together I was mostly sold on the god part of out discussion. He routinely would bring up god and His church and blah blah blah, Inviting me to go to church with him once. I did not go but thought no god fearing man with beliefs like this could be a bad person. Wow was I wrong. I now believe they are atheists because if they believed in god they know who they are going to answer to and where they are going after this life. If they don’t believe in god and I doubt they do they should at least be afraid of him.

    • when people talk about how God wants them, and you, to be rich, WATCH OUT!
      scammers thrive in churches,a generally trusting community!

  • I guess Jeremy is too busy to respond to any of this. He’s spending all his photoshopping cliche motivational quotes on to pictures of luxury cars and planes that he wants people to think he owns.

  • Yup I saw that to. Wonder why he says he was in Scottsdale the other day. Im guessing he is busy skipping out of that house in Calgary on Morgans way. Sounds like it’s about time for him to bail out of there anyway. Jeremy knows he is a crook and to much of a coward to respond on here. He reads this I know he does and probably just scammed a few more last people in Calgary to fund his move. I looked up that 209 Morgan’s way where he is living on line. Pretty nice place I wonder what it cost to rent something like that. If Jeremy can afford all these cars that he does not own but wants people to think he does why does such a successful entrepreneur with all of these skills he claims to have not actually own his own home bought and paid for. Maybe he can answer that for us. Jeremy please enlighten us full every one in why you move so frequently and stiff your landlords?????

    • I had a look at his thejercraw facebook page and seems he is still in Calgary as mentioned in his video, where he was discussing about his new venture and what he went through with the Randall Rush lawsuit, in all that was taken away from him. I did a search on the kult id app that was behind all that surviving the kult where he feels he was wronged. On the surface seemed like a great idea and there was a launch for it, plus was available at the app store. I’m just curious what happened to it and why it was shelved, if produced. I gather it is in the ownership of Randall Rush, since that lawsuit was settled. In Jeremy Crawford’s video, he said they claimed it was a fraud app which he denies. I guess he has responded indirectly in that video.

  • Jeremy wanted a taste of the startup life with this app. The fact it, the app was doomed from the start. Digital ad revenues and profits are absolutely garbage unless you’re the size of Facebook.

    Jeremy is a serial liar and fraudster. He talks a big game and he’s clearly convinced himself that he knows what he’s doing and somehow along the way, several others have fallen for it.

    This new lifelovebiz venture they are working on will be no different. There will be hundreds of photoshopped pictures (which they aren’t licensing, they just rip them off google images) with stupid quotes on them. There will be videos and instagram accounts showing off all the luxurious items they don’t own. They will pretend to have all the answers to help you also become rich and wealthy like they are ( they aren’t ). They will find a new sucker that believes in their vision and hooks them up with financing and then it will all come crashing down when they can’t pay back their debtors.

    This is how they work. This is all they know.

  • Have to agree with jake on this. This is the way they operate. Everything they post is ripped off from google and photoshopped by Jeremy. It was the same thing with the big west scam. Photos of fab shops, large buildings 20 stories high, hotels, unbelievable interior designing all taken from on line sites or google. My favourite one is Jeremy posing with a private jet suggesting it is his and how they worked so hard for all this amazing success they have earned and enjoy. It’s all bull. They don’t even own there own house. Even if they could buy a house they could not enjoy it long anyway. They have to be able to pick up and go in a moments notice always having a next step plan whee to hide out for a bit and let things cool off from the previous scam that everyone caught on to then start back out again. These 2 Jeremy and Amy are criminals, they have no intentions of doing honest business with any of their investors. They come up with these schemes, present them very well and take the money and run. Sometimes they will spend some money to make it look like things are going smooth to get more money invested into them but once people start to catch on they take everything they can and just run. These 2 are going to be famous I’m sure of that and I can’t wait. They can enjoy there fame from jail cells where they belong. Would like to hear more of your story jake but not on here. Not sure how to connect with you though as emails are not posted on here.

  • A yet they can still get across the border into the US ? And now there is a socialize your biz .com site by Amy and on facebook. If they have been found guilty how do they get into the US? How do they rent expensive property? And why is not a least one of them in jail already ? Seems kind of strange to me. Eh you dog f#@$#r Eh!

  • Pj, Am I safe to assume you are another victim of the Crawford’s? I invite all people to visit and join up for a new website and please post your stories. Let’s all help expose these 2 for what they are. Career criminal con artists. I will be posting my story but it is a long one and will take me a while to wright it.

    (link removed by admin)

    • I removed the link to the website because it is redirecting to another site and possibly it may have gotten a cease & desist due to the nature of the site.

      • That site is no longer operational, that’s why the link was removed. I believe it was created by Randall Rush (correct me if I am wrong) as he had mentioned earlier about a website where people who had dealings with Jeremy Crawford could post their stories. Not sure what happened but I’m sure had to do with a cease & desist as Jeremy Crawford is good at sending those out, even I received one for this post that he was the first to comment on as survivingthekult!

  • Jeremy rented a house from me about 8 years ago. He claimed to want to buy it, but didn’t have the money and wanted to have a buy option over a few years. It was an expensive piece of property. Not only did he default in payments in less than a year. He vacated the property in the middle of the night, 3 months behind in rent, which was $3500 a month. He stole all the appliances including a beautiful gas stove. He was very dishonest in his dealings with me, and cheated me out of at least $10,000. He for some odd reason changed all the toilet seats in the house(there are 4 in the house), I to this day never understood that. When I took possession of the property, I noticed he had barred all the windows in the garage and basement, obviously hiding something from someone. The house is gated, and for a while the front gate wasn’t working. He called me weekly, to complain the gate was not working. I understand why, KEEP THE COLLECTORS OUT. Lessons learned dealing with this……..individual

  • So what happened to this guy. Seems to have vanished.

  • He’s around. In Calgary I assume still scamming but he is gonna be exposed in a big way soon enough.

  • Interesting to look at the court minutes.

    This entry is particularily interesting (relating to Merritt recording conversations with Crawford, as well as his persisted position that he informed Crawford of the extent of the TRO)

  • Look who’s back in the news!

    Jeremy Crawford ordered to pay $273K to firm that defended him in lawsuit with lotto winner Randall Rush

    The couple owe more than $274,000 in outstanding legal fees and accumulating interest to Mill Woods Law in Arizona, according to a default judgment filed on Feb. 26.

    The Crawfords filed no statement of defence. Mill Woods Law has not responded to interview requests.

    It’s another legal blow for the couple who reached a settlement in 2016 that required them to return $4.5 million in assets to Rush.

    Crawford’s activities have also caught the eye of authorities after a complaint from Rush. The Alberta Securities Commission conducted an investigation regarding investment allegations of a criminal nature over several months last year, according to sources.

    In his lawsuit, Rush alleges he was persuaded to invest based on fraudulent representations made by the couple.The Crawfords denied the charge, saying Rush sued after a falling out. They eventually reached the out-of-court settlement, agreeing to return to Rush $4.5 million including a Porsche Cayenne and a luxury home in Arizona.

    This is the latest in a list of repayments for the couple, many of which have been ordered by the courts, documents show.

    In July 2016, they were ordered by a San Diego court to pay $30,556 in past-due rent and other costs. Judgments in Alberta in 2013 showed the Crawfords owed more than $14,000 to two Alberta landlords. That same year, a court ordered the seizure of Jeremy’s property due to almost $86,000 in outstanding income tax payments. In the early 2000s, he was convicted of petty theft and fraud.

  • New website here: – and a new book on Amazon. I’ve ordered myself a copy to dig in.

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