My Pinterest Marketing Strategy Now Includes Tailwind And It’s Exploding!

Although I’ve had my pinterest account for over a year, I only started taking it seriously almost 3 months ago. I was wondering why I wasn’t succeeding in growing my followers and monthly viewers (let alone pinterest traffic to my blog) with the lackluster pinning efforts, I was making, to my few pinterest boards.

It wasn’t working and I had to change my pinterest marketing strategy, if I wanted to succeed in using pinterest to grow my blog.

That’s when I put into gear my 30 Day Pinterest Strategy to Get Followers and Traffic To My Blog (I recommend you try it out) and things started changing right from the start.

I started with close to 30 followers and 170 monthly viewers on my pins, which was getting an occasional pinterest visitor to my blog.

After 30 days, it increased to over 400 followers and over 1000 monthly viewers.

At 60 days, I had over 700 followers and over 6000 monthly viewers.

Now coming close to 90 days, I have over 1000 followers and over 10,000 monthly viewers.  I get daily traffic from pinterest to my blog, which is growing. What a difference a change in strategy makes!

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This was all gained from only 30 minutes of daily pinning which has resulted in a steady pace in growth. Anyone making more effort, will do even better. But if you are busy like me, this is what worked in growing my pinterest account with the least amount of time and effort.

Since I couldn’t spend all my day pinning on pinterest, I needed to give it a further boost by adding an automated assistant that could schedule and publish for me. That’s when I came across Tailwind’s No-Time Limit Free Trial, where I can schedule up to 100 Pins to be pinned automatically on Pinterest, and gladly took advantage of it. So now I have combined my manual pinning with an automated pinner that pins at different times of the day, as well as days and weeks ahead too, if I want.

That means I don’t have to be on Pinterest any extra time than I can spare or even go back and forth throughout the day, as can have pins scheduled at different times through Tailwind.  And if I can’t manually do one day (or even for a week), I know that the scheduler is taking care of it for me so I remain active on Pinterest.

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I must emphasize you have to be active on Pinterest, if you really want to succeed, so is a good idea to combine your manual pinning efforts with scheduled pinning.

When I changed my pinterest strategy, my first goal was to reach a 1000 followers so I was following around 10 people (mostly like-minded ones that have a lot of followers & monthly viewers) per day to get to that goal. I no longer concentrate on that aspect as my followers are naturally growing on their own plus it helped that I also started my own group board Blogging Lifestyle – Best Of Pinterest Group Board.

You don’t though need a lot of followers to succeed on Pinterest. That’s why my focus now is on pinning, plus optimizing both my pins and blog posts, so I can get more traffic from Pinterest to my blog.

Again, you must be active on Pinterest because you get rewarded from Pinterest itself if you are. But that doesn’t mean bombarding by pinning 100 pins or more a day (I know some do). From all that I have read with various testing done, it is recommended not to pin more than 30 pins a day as too many pins a day does more harm than good (and you start to look like a spammer too especially if you do them all at once or repeatedly on the same boards).

But I also read from a top blogger (who has mastered getting a lot of pinterest traffic to her blog) is to pin as much as possible (her translation “pin your a$$ off until you don’t HAVE to pin anymore”) until you get 20 core pins (ones that are continually sending traffic to your blog), then you can pin less and more selectively.

In any case, you do need to space out your pins at different times of the day. That’s where an automated pin scheduler can take care of it for you.

Adding Tailwind, as part of your pinterest marketing strategy, is definitely the way to go if you want to grow your online business and get pinterest traffic to make money from your blog.

Since Tailwind is an official marketing partner of Pinterest, and recommended by them, means will not negatively affect your account to use their automated scheduling tool. In fact, it will help grow your account because the more active you are on Pinterest, the more your pins will get seen and shared.
Tailwind Pin Scheduling Start Free
Not only is Tailwind a handy time-saving scheduler but there’s an added (secret) bonus…Tailwind Tribes. How it works is that you can join up to 5 tribes for free plus get 30 free monthly tribe submissions (resets every 30 days). This is the free version that will always be available but if you want even more, you can add Tribes PowerUps from $5 per month. That means you now have a bunch of tribemates who can share your pins as well. Usually it’s a 1 for 1 sharing. You add one of yours to the tribe and you share one of the tribe’s to one of your boards. It’s a win-win for all and additional way to grow your reach on Pinterest.

Another good thing about Tailwind is its powerful analytics which provides detailed stats on how well your pins are performing and where you can improve. Tailwind definitely is a complete package for a pinterest marketing strategy.

I’ve already seen a difference since I added Tailwind to my manual pinning efforts and it’s exploding!

If you found this article helpful, PIN IT ON PINTEREST!

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