Want To Get Paid For Life? Continuity Affiliate Programs Can Do It For You!

In growing a blog to earn income from, you have to find ways to consistently generate money from it. There are many ways to earn money from a blog, such as advertising, sponsorships and selling products. Of course the more visitors you have to your blog, the easier it gets to make money from it. Besides regularly updating the blog and working on getting traffic to it from search engines, social media and through email marketing, you need to create a passive income so you continually earn on autopilot even if you are not actively making an effort to. That’s where continuity affiliate programs come into play.

Continuity affiliate programs are a better way to get paid through affiliate marketing. Why? Not only do you get paid a commission on the front end of the initial sale but you also get a back end commission on further sales that occur from the buyer you brought through your affiliate link.

So that means even if you made one sale, you will still get a commission on future sales from it for lifetime. Times that by a 100 customers and you are rolling in the monthly dough. Now that is the way to create passive income from your blog!

It’s just like when you make investments and keep earning dividends or interest over the lifetime of them. By having residual income from various online sources that pays into the future, gives you time freedom to do other things since the money freedom part is taken care of. That is what a dot com lifestyle is all about!


You may start off working hard on your blog to get the income rolling, but after that you can use work smart methods so that you no longer have to work hard. That is what I am trying to do through my blog and by having a million dollar challenge to motivate me, I hope to get there sooner. To achieve that, the thinking cap has to come on.

5 Continuity Affiliate Programs That Pay A Recurring Commission:

  • Shopify – An e-commerce software that you can use to sell both online and offline. The platform can either be used as a fully functioning e-commerce online store (on their servers) or as a shopping cart for your own website.  It pays a bounty of 200% of the monthly subscription fees on the 1st and 2nd month (up to $2,000) plus if you create a development store you get paid 20% monthly recurring commission on the customers you refer. The good thing is they pay twice a month by paypal with a minimum $25 commission payout. Start a 14 day trial free to try out a Shopify online store.
  • Tailwind – An automated scheduler that is a recommended marketing partner of Pinterest. It saves you time and helps grow your pinterest and instagram accounts. Many bloggers are successfully using Tailwind to get traffic to their blog and growing their online business. It’s analytics and reporting tools lets you know how well you are doing and where you can improve. Before you can join it’s affiliate program, you have to first open a Shareasale account. Tailwind pays 30% recurring commission on the lifetime of each sale. Try Tailwind’s no-time-limit free trial to schedule 100 Pinterest pins or 30 Instagram posts.
  • Aweber – Is an opt-in email marketing software that has been around for ages (since 1998). Many bloggers and online businesses use aweber for their subscribers. For a blog to earn from, you not only need visitors but returning visitors, and that is how an email autoresponder can help grow your business by staying in touch with your blog readers and potential customers.They pay a 30% recurring commission on all their plans. Try out Aweber for a free one month trial.
  • Semrush – Is a tool to optimize your website content by finding profitable keywords and providing data about your competitors. SEO (search engine optimization) is an important facet in  making a successful blog.  Semrush tools helps you in creating the content your audience wants so they will have a better experience and return. With Semrush you earn a 40% recurring commission on all their pro plans. Test drive Semrush for free.
  • Tubebuddy –  A free browser extension (plugin) that has a bunch of useful tools to help manage and run your youtube channel with ease. Some of the feautures of Tubebuddy that you can use  on your youtube channels are bulk updates, find/replace like a word processor, generate custom thumbnails, engage more quickly with your audience, detailed analysis of your competitors channels, export lists of subscribers, promote your new upload on your other videos and much more. They pay a 50% residual commission on their plans. Start a free account to test Tubebuddy out.

There are many other continuity affiliate programs around but I have picked these for their solid reputation and higher backend recurring payout from 20% and up. Who wouldn’t like to be continuously paid off the initial sale!You don’t have to have a blog to promote most affiliate programs (as can do from social media and emails) but if you want to create an online passive income, you definitely need a blog because the affiliate links from your posts and advertisements are permanently there to do the work for you, as they will be continually visited and earned from into the future. So why wouldn’t you want to have a blog?

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It’s always a good idea to test out the affiliate products yourself, so you can better promote it to your potential customers. Plus by using some of these methods can also help you earn too.

Once you got the ball rolling, you don’t have to be actively promoting your continuity affiliate programs as the initial sales and marketing efforts in your blog posts will be doing it for you. Just concentrate on getting the traffic (from search engines, social media & through email marketing) to your site and blog posts. That means you could be earning while you are sleeping or relaxing on some tropical beach.

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Now if you want to get your share of residual income from these continuity affiliate programs, it’s time to get cracking (yes I’m telling that to myself too)!

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