How I Avoided Colds and Flus For Over 13 Years You Can Too

Now I would have to say that is quite an achievement to have avoided getting a cold or flu in over thirteen years. That’s the same age as my cat, I wonder if that is related?

Prior to this change toward better health, I had come down with a bad flu that was lasting too long, so I went to the doctor and he prescribed these super sized antibiotics that were hard to swallow.

I was uneasy about taking them and after taking them I started feeling weird like out of body hazy almost hallucinative feeling.

And I wondered if I had a touch of pneumonia too and then I stopped taking the antibiotics and from then started getting better. Maybe a mind over matter thing or just the turning point in the sickness itself.

When I told the doctor that those must have been too strong as I had a reaction to them made me feel very uneasy, he said no way they could have done that. Well that’s what I felt my body telling me so I listened. Besides, antibiotics are meant for bacterial not viral infections.



After that bad experience, I made the decision that I didn’t want any flu, let alone a cold, again. I mentally focused on improving my health and that is the first step that is needed to avoid sickness because you have to stick to it, not for a month but for the long term path going forward.

Said Goodbye To Junk Food And Hello To Good Health

That meant that I wasn’t going to allow any junk type of food or give into any cravings for wrong type of food that wouldn’t provide my body the nutrients needed to make it stronger in fighting colds & flus. You have to believe that you will not get a cold or flu and stay mentally strong about it, and the diet part will get easier.

You might be thinking that’s easier said then done. But if you provide your body the nutrients that is daily needed, then you won’t have those cravings and, not only that, you gain self-control in the process. Like someone could put a cream puff in front of me and I won’t even flinch, wouldn’t want it as see it for what it is, that it would create an environment for sickness with all that sugar and bad stuff.

Haha…you are probably thinking there is a sugar angle here…well yes there is but that’s not all.

Eliminated Sugar And Most Dairy Products From My Diet

Sugar creates an environment for bad bacteria to grow in the body. But I don’t need to go into all the harm that it could cause, as there are countless books written on the subject, with scientific research to back it up.

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Yes the number 1 ingredient I eliminated is sugar from my diet. That means no sugar in my tea or any products that have added sugar, so I read labels and don’t buy anything with sugar in it.

Secondly, I eliminated most dairy products except for a little pure organic cheese. Milk products can be hard to digest (mainly due to the lactose) and also the milk protein promotes the formation of mucus.

Added Organic Foods And Vitamin Supplements

Okay now you are thinking there is an organic angle here too. Yes there is but initially it wasn’t as much as it is now so is not the important aspect but if you want to avoid manmade pesticides and gmos, is worth considering moving towards organic as much as possible.

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But basically what I started doing that I still do today, is take Vitamin C and Calcium magnesium supplements. These I buy from the health food store and in most major grocery stores nowadays, they all have an health/organic aisle where you can choose healthier products. Sometimes I order vitamins online from Amazon and have them delivered to my door.

I also was regularly taking a probiotic supplement to build healthy bacteria in the body. This I recommend to those who have a weaker immune system so you can make it stronger by increasing the good bacteria in your body.

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Armed Immune System With Ginger For Prevention

From time to time, I drink ginger tea as a prevention. Ginger is known to have both antiviral and antibacterial properties. What antibiotics can’t do for cold and flu viruses, ginger can. So if you feel something coming on, get some fresh ginger root, wash & peel it and put a chunk of it in water, boil and simmer it for 15 minutes, and drink it straight like a tea. It’s so soothing and I like the taste of it.

If you find it’s strong then boil it less time, and if you don’t care for the taste of it, add a touch of organic honey to it. Drink it 2 or 3 times in a day when you feel a sickness coming on as it will pass or won’t last as long. During a full blown flu or cold, you will need to drink it more frequently like 3 or 4 times daily till your sickness is gone.

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I Wash Hands Frequently To Get Rid Of Bad Germs

I don’t know why people fail to see the importance in frequently washing hands. They have to consistently do that in hospitals or a lot of sickness will be spread around to patients with weak immune systems. Hands spread flus & colds faster than anything else, that’s a fact because bad germs linger everywhere outside, and even in the home, and once your hands touch your nose, mouth or eyes, then it will battle it’s way with your immune system to get in.

So when I am outside, I don’t touch my face and when I get home, first thing I do is wash my hands. And I wipe my cell phone too because I use it when I’m out. I wipe around where germs especially collect, which is bathroom & kitchen taps, doorknobs and do wash my hands throughout the day, not obsessively, but when I should like right before handling & preparing food or eating food. Normal things but with a little extra awareness and precaution especially when near sick people and yes I have been around many over the years, so not isolated wearing a face mask. So wash hands regularly, it’s a big ounce of prevention for colds & flus.

Homemade Food Is The Winning Combination For My Health

Definitely have to make your immune system stronger so that means eating mostly, if not all, healthy food. Just like your mom used to say when you were a kid, eat your veggies, still rings true. Add more fresh vegetables, fruit and other wholesome food to your diet. When your immune system is strong, it can fight a world of bad and come out a winner!

I also don’t eat in restaurants. Why? Because you don’t know what is exactly in your food nor the food handling preparation part of it. Sometimes you hear of hepatitis breakouts due to restaurant workers with illnesses handling food that you are eating. Now you may think I am being paranoid but the main reason is still what is in the food and how it is prepared, as I need to know this and rather than question and go check out their kitchen, best to avoid altogether and prepare at home myself.

I used to have too many stomach troubles from eating in restaurants, getting more bad bacteria than good in my gut and I haven’t had any since I stopped going to restaurants and onto the healthy path that I took.

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That’s How I Avoid Cold And Flu Sickness!

So I must be doing something right if I have avoided colds & flus for over 13 years. I don’t like to be sick, have no time for it, and want to live every day as healthy as possible.

I will go over my daily diet in future blog posts, so do come back and check it out. And I will answer any questions you have in the comments section.

Update: It’s been over 15 years and I’m still avoiding colds and flus. I now daily drink 1 cup of organic ginger tea plus added Vitamin D3 (from lichen plant) to my health regimen. Take it from me, how to avoid colds and flu is by taking preventive measures!

Have you been able to avoid colds & flu and, if so, what are you doing to keep them away?

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