Eating Healthy To Stay Healthy The Homemade Way To Do It

This homemade meal I had for dinner is brown rice with pork and organic kale & baby carrots sprinkled with a touch of lemon. Looks good, tastes good and is healthy I would say, but unfortunately it lost me a vegan follower on my instagram account. To each his own but don’t condemn me for my food choices.

I’m not a big meat eater to begin with and generally limit it to chicken, rarely pork but will eat it once in awhile. I love animals, have a cat but should she too become a vegetarian because she eats meat? No I don’t think so, because she wouldn’t survive if she did.

I do believe there is scientific research that specific blood types in humans do need meat. I think though you do need to support humane ways animals, for food consumption, are treated and slaughtered, by buying from those suppliers that do follow humane methods.

I don’t eat in restaurants so I would be a cheap date. Pack a lunch and sit in the park would be fine with me. I prefer homemade food because I need to know where it comes from, what is in it and how it is prepared. Being fussy like that best to prepare it myself.

And these days not only do you have to worry about harmful pesticides you may be ingesting but GMO (genetically modified organisms) as well, double whammy.


I buy as much certified organic food as possible and stay away from any products that could possibly be GMO.  That means no convenience foods, whether frozen or packaged, as more than likely have GMO in them, if don’t state otherwise. Since GMO doesn’t have to be identified here where I live, thankfully there are products who will indicate gmo-free and I do support them. You the consumer can kick GMO in the butt out the door as it’s a bunch of baloney that is needed in the first place. Neither is a ton of man-made pesticides, if food is grown properly with companion planting and other natural farming methods.

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Sure when you are on the run, it’s easy to stop at a fast food outlet to pick up a burger, not think twice, but really it’s not healthy and you feel it when your stomach let’s you know later. It’s easy enough to plan and prepare food ahead, which you can take from home. With food prices how they are now, where a large portion of a salary goes to feed a family, it pays in the long run to make healthier food choices.

Even if cooking isn’t your specialty, you don’t have to be a gourmet chef or even need a cookbook, although there are tons of easy to prepare recipes you can find online. It’s as simple as tossing a salad together, grabbing a piece of fruit, boiling or stir frying vegetables, baking or microwaving potatoes, grilling chicken and you got yourself a healthy meal.

Preparing lunch ahead to take with you is not hard to do and can save you money, as eating in restaurants can get costly. Make a healthy sandwich or use leftovers to add with a salad, fruit, nuts and raisins. This is far healthier than going to a fast food outlet to grab a burger, fries and a donut.

For me, achieving optimum health is important, as I don’t want to waste my time in a doctor’s office or have one sickness after another to tend to.  Speaking of healthy food it’s time to go prepare my next homemade meal…


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