Tony Chau Internet Marketer Buying His Third Home On House Hunters

Once HGTV’s House Hunters presented a story about an internet marketer named Tony Chau, who was buying his second home in Hollywood, it was an instant hit in the ratings. Everyone was curious how this person was able to  become a self-made millionaire just from the internet and is now enjoying the dot com lifestyle of expensive homes, fast cars and fabulous parties.  Not only does he have homes in Las Vegas and Hollywood, but he was back by popular demand for another episode of House Hunters as he searched for his third home in Chicago which this time around his business partner, Jason Traut, was going in on it with him. Also his interior designer and friend, James Charles, was there to help in the search and turn the condo into a stylish pad.

It’s no wonder the elusive Tony Chau has been frantically searched for online every time the episodes air because everyone wants to find out his secrets to his success. Afterall Tony has the rags to riches story that is appealing and motivating.

He comes from a poor family that immigrated to the USA from Vietnam, when he was 10, looking for a better life. Since that time he has struggled to become successful and eventually achieved the American dream of becoming a multimillionaire.

Would you like to have success like Tony Chau Well it certainly is possible to earn  money online like him if you are determined to succeed. But the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t happen overnight and will take time to be a successful online marketer like him. You should be prepared for the long run and put some effort into it.

Many may think that making money on the internet is easy but not everyone understands what they are doing. You first have to learn the ropes before you can achieve results. Another internet entrepreneur, John Chow, has a successful blog where he earns six figures monthly from it by guiding people on how to make money online. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, .

As for Tony Chau, it’s not so much as to how he made his money online because many are achieving online success through various moneymaking sources but it’s more so that through his struggles he was determined to succeed–and did.

*Update: After doing a little more research on Tony Chau, I learned that he has been making money online through affiliate marketing, by promoting his own Sports Betting Systems product on Clickbank, previously under the alias of John Morrison. Supposedly he is a math genius who has created a sports betting system that has better odds on selecting picks in sports games. He did make the news, having had legal and tax issues, which he said (on his website) have since been resolved. He is back now to marketing his latest products The Champ’s Personal Sports Picks and Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less.

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