Can Internet Marketing Make You A Millionaire?

On an episode of House Hunters (from some years back), a 26 year old millionaire internet marketer, named Tony Chau, was shopping around for a house in the Hollywood Hills. He already had a home in Las Vegas and was looking for a second one in Hollywood. This wasn’t his only time on House Hunters, as had another episode since where he was purchasing his third home in an upscale area in Chicago.

I really like this HGTV show and generally anything about real estate buying, selling, flipping etc., but I found this episode to be especially interesting and motivating.

Here you have a young successful guy who moved to America as a dirt poor 10 year old boy from Vietnam, worked hard, who is now living out his dreams with fast cars and expensive homes. The ultimate dot com lifestyle of not having to worry about debt or money for that matter.

Although they never went into detail in what aspect of internet marketing he made all his money and is continuing to do so, but I do know there are quite a few online marketers out there that are making huge amounts of money on a daily basis. To name a few there is John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, Kevin Rose and Yaro Starak.


What was appealing about Tony Chau’s story is that he must have visualized where he wanted to be because he knew how it was being dirt poor and never wanted to be in that position again. Although I don’t exactly think that buying expensive toys and just living a frivolous lifestyle should be the fruits of a financial success story but moreso not being in debt, not worrying about money and not having to work a regular 9 to 5 job. Having both time and money freedom is the ultimate goal to achieve.

So you may be asking what exactly is internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing. It’s basically the marketing of products or services through the internet which, for example, can be promoted through your own website(s). You can either promote your own products or services or join affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc and choose from a variety of products to promote to make commissions from.

This is how I am concentrating on making money online in order to get on the road to financial freedom. It definitely isn’t an a easy road and you do have to put in work to get there. But what you are building is a passive income that could be on autopilot which will eventually require less work and maintenance to upkeep.

Rather than just blindly start your online business, it is always good to research what other successful online marketers have done to get where they are. Not only will you save yourself time this way, you will also avoid unnecessary mistakes and costs, at the sametime will learn and benefit from others experiences.

Keeping your eye on the prize and not giving up is really what you have to do to achieve financial freedom, and that is exactly what I am doing.

If you would like to give internet marketing a try, check out my tutorial on how to start a blog to get you started.


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