Reflect On All The Things To Be Thankful For And Then Some

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and the American one is just around the corner. It’s probably a good day as any to reflect on the things to be thankful for. Sometimes we take for granted what we actually have and concentrate more on the things we want to have.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that really is about gratitude. And the great thing is this is one holiday anyone of any belief or faith can fully acknowledge and take part in. Even if we are faced with debt and money issues or other circumstances that weigh heavy on us, one thing for sure is there are things indeed we can be grateful for.

It is customary on Thanksgiving to take the time to reflect on exactly what you are thankful for, whether it’s family or friends, your pets, your home, food on the table, your good health, your job or all the things in this wonderful world. Acknowledge your blessings and any good fortune you do have.

Importance of Family and Friends

Feel blessed you have family and friends to be there and support you when needed. Now think of someone who is lonely or alone, maybe a person who is new to the area or country or even an isolated senior.

Having Good Health

Without good health makes it more difficult to enjoy things. Feel fortunate  for yours and think about someone who is in the hospital or isn’t enjoying good health

Value Your Pets

There are animals out there that are in need of rescue and need a loving home. Especially for someone who is alone, the value of having a pet can make a significant difference to their life.

Love Your Home

There are homeless people out there and people who live in poverty that don’t have comforts of a home so feel blessed for the roof over your head.

Food On The Table

Are you fortunate to regularly have food on the table and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast? Remember there are others around the world, and in your area, that don’t have regular meals and go hungry.

Appreciate Your Job

There are people out there, due to unemployment, that struggle to make ends meet.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature

Think green and the environment will thank you for it.

When you realize how fortunate you are and can work toward helping others to experience the same good fortune, it will make you happier overall. Sure money makes the world go round and financial issues can bring you down, but it is something that can be worked on and resolved over time.


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