Earn $1 A Day From Every Blog Post You Write

I was just thinking of ways to passively generate money from my blog, meaning you get paid no matter you are actively trying to earn money or not. If every blog post you write can each generate a dollar a day in income, imagine how much you would earn if you had 100 posts or a 1000 posts. That can be a nice income at $3,000 a month and even nicer at $30,000 per month. You can see how that can be achievable when you are only looking at the perspective of $1 per day from each post you publish.

Given that I have a huge challenge to make a million dollars from my blog, you can imagine how much brainstorming and hustling you have to do in order to have that materialize.

I even had a millionaire who contacted me on my blog from a post I wrote. A venture was being negotiated but haven’t heard from him lately so either too busy or no longer interested. Oh well, there are always other opportunities!

The thing about those who have a lot of money tend to be focused in trying to achieve even more money, so are less likely to part with it unless they have rock solid guarantees about a return. And if they have been burnt before, may not be as trusting about new ventures with people they don’t know. Understandable but life has no guarantees so just about everything is a chance you take.


Focus On Different Ways To Generate Money From Blog Posts

The goal for me now is that I need to generate money from every blog post I write. I don’t mean that each post should be a blatant advertisement for some product (providing no other useful value) as that wouldn’t make sense to do so as you want readers to like your content and return to read more of it.

You need to provide useful information no matter what topic it is about and subtly earn a little from it, which can be through affiliate products, advertising or whatever else you can come up with (donations?).

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First of all, $1 a post per day doesn’t seem like much at all to achieve but it can only be done if you have visitors to your blog to each one of your posts and there is something in your post that you can earn from. Once you have covered those two areas, then you would definitely be generating income from your blog posts.

Create A Hook In Your Blog Post To Draw Visitors To It

That means each one of your blog posts should be a compelling enough topic with a hook in the title that draws people to it, especially if you pin it on pinterest or post links to it on other social media sites like facebook and twitter. Of course you do have to be constantly updating your social media accounts (hint hint to myself!) so you can draw people to your blog posts on your site. This area I still need to work on and, since I am already behind due to life getting in the way, I better start hustling my side hustle.

I also need to go back and fine tune some of my posts. In my rush to publish posts, I may have overlooked a few things so it’s always a good idea to review them to see if anything may need adjusting or added.

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If you are at a loss at what to write about, write about things that interest you that you think would interest others too. You don’t always have to stay on the same topic. Like me, I do at times write about things that have made current and past news ($450 Million Dollar Leonardo Da Vinci Painting as an example), which seems to help draw visitors from google.

Of course current news is always hogged by the big news media sites but they waver off onto the next news so past news tends to work best for ranking for keywords for it. You can see that in a couple posts that are always trending on my site as those are past news that people are still curious about. That strategy seems to be working so I will continue to use it.

5 Must-Do Things To Make Money From Each Blog Post

Every blog post you write, always do these 5 things so you can be on your way to making money:

  1. Have a catchy title that will draw visitors to click on it.
  2. Do SEO (search engine optimization) by researching and targeting keywords so search engines like google will send traffic to the blog post. There are wordpress plugins, like All In One Seo, that can help in this area.
  3. Each blog post should have something to earn from, whether it’s from ads or affiliate products (or both). Don’t limit yourself to one thing as not everyone will be interested.
  4. Make sure to link to other related posts in each blog post, so visitors can find something they need if not in that particular one. Plus if they like your blog posts, will return for more.
  5. Promote each blog post on social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Pinterest especially is the one to target as is a powerful search engine that can send a whole bunch of traffic to your blog. Make your pins stand out to get people to click on them!

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Basically that is the key to making money from a blog: traffic and products/advertising. Just make sure in each post to link to a few other related posts so they can get some traction too.

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