Can You Make Money From A Blog?

If you are searching for ways to make money online, why not try blogging. A blog is the easiest type of site to set up as you don’t need technical skills.  There are many making money from blogging and you could be too.

Blogging is what I have been doing to achieve my financial freedom goal. Therefore I know, with some effort, it can be done. For me, the best part of making money online is the freedom to work at my own schedule and pace, not having to answer to a demanding boss nor getting stuck in rush hour traffic to get to work  on time — because I operate from the comfort of my home and answer to no one other than myself.

A blog in itself is very easy to start. All you basically need is a domain name and hosting account, install wordpress and you are good to go.

But you will need to put something into it to get something out of it. So if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or expecting money to pour in overnight, then a blog may not be for you nor internet marketing for that matter because high expectations means more than likely you will get disappointed and give up easily.


You have to be able to commit to it, make the effort and have patience if you want to succeed. That is why it’s important to research the niche or subject for your blog to find one that will be profitable. It’s no use to start a blog on a subject that will be an uphill battle to make money from, especially if you don’t even have an interest in it.

Here are my recommended steps in starting a blog:

  • Research a niche for your blog. When choosing a niche keep in mind that what people want is to be better versions of themselves. So if you can provide that whether it’s how to be better at managing money, at being a parent, at getting the body they want, at improving their health, at cooking, etc. If it’s something you are passionate about and have knowledge in, then even better. Some of the popular niches are how to make money, personal finance, health & fitness, food, beauty & fashion, lifestyle and personal development.
  • You will need a domain name and hosting. I recommend Bluehost as they have a strong reputation and offer reliable web hosting at affordable prices, hosting over 2 million websites worldwide. And with their hosting plan they include a free domain name so you may as well get both from the same place.
  • Set up your site with a content management system. I recommend installing wordpress as it is the most popular and easy to use. (Bluehost’s hosting plan includes an easy 1-click wordpress install plus an ssl certificate to make your site secure). WordPress has a huge community where you have access to a ton of information, themes and plugins.
  • Choose a wordpress theme for your site. There are thousands to choose from and easy to install with 1 click within the wordpress dashboard. Plus there a lot of plugins to choose from to help manage and run your site more efficiently.
  • Start writing in your blog. Even if you are stuck for words, don’t get content from free article directories as the content should be unique so if you are able to write it yourself or outsource to article writers, is the ideal way to go.
  • Promote your site to get traffic. For example open social media accounts with pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter and place links to your site and posts to draw traffic to. Engage with others to create a following as then easier to get people to your blog. Also work on getting traffic from search engines (google) by frequently posting on your blog and by placing links to your site in related niche sites and forums. Also, by placing meaningful comments on popular blogs in your niche (that have a lot of traffic), you likely will draw some visitors from their blogs to yours.
  • Make money from your blog.  You can do so by joining free affiliate programs like Amazon and Clickbank, where you can promote products to earn a commission from. You can also add an ad network (such as google adsense) and later could sell advertising on your site once you are generating enough traffic.

How much money you can make on your blog will depend on the popularity of the niche, your promotional efforts to get traffic to your site and converting promoted products into sales.  Once the ground work is laid, it will get easier and your blog will require less effort.  And before you know it you will be making money from your blog!

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