Day Two of 30 Day Qriket Challenge On The Way To Making Money

If you are following this then you know from my first post that I started a 30-day challenge for myself to see how much money can be made on the qriket app in this time frame. If you would like to join me, then download the free app from either the play store or app store, sign up with my referral code 322B50 (zero at end). I get a $1 for each referral and it will help to make this qriket challenge a big success.

I don’t really have an exact goal as to how much I would like to reach at the end of the 30 days but $1,000 would be nice. If I could get 1000 people to download the app and use my referral code 322B50 (zero at the end) when signing up then that would hit the number in no time. It should be an easy convince when you think about it, but unfortunately people are always skeptical when you say something is free…what is the catch they either think or ask.

There is no catch, it is pretty straightforward. The app is free in both google play and app store. You get free spins by watching around 10 ads a day. You don’t have to watch the ads if you don’t want to as they don’t automatically come on the app unless you click the “Get More Spins” button. First the ads come to get your free spins, which you obviously do want and need. If there are no ads, then you are at the spin shop where you can buy more spins with your credits, if you have any. Choice is yours, click back button if don’t want to, sign off and return when you can get more free spins.

There is also a challenge section where you can use your credits to go up against another app user by predicting if the spin will land on blue or yellow. Of course in hopes of winning you are taking the risk of losing. And if you are like me, I don’t like the feeling of losing so for this challenge I’m strictly sticking to using my free spins, referrals or free qriket live tournaments, if any, to gain money. There is no chance of losing going this route because no risking any credits earned. It may not amount to a significant amount especially in early stages but it is the end result that I am looking toward. Others may not want to be patient and will try to win as much as they can in a short time but the risk is there to lose it all.

Okay here we go on day two…happy spinning everyone!

Day Two Results: Out of my 9 spins for today, I earned .25 which brings my total to $1.25. I won on .05 spins and there was a $250 spin but of course it landed on the opposite of the color I picked. I’m sure that is very rare to hit those high number spins but who knows maybe I will hit one during this 30-day challenge. $1.25 may not seem much but I’m not losing as it’s not costing me anything but a few minutes of my spare time.


Note: If you haven’t downloaded the qriket app yet from the google play or app store, and want to give it a try, remember to use my referral code 322B50 (zero at end) so you can get your 25 bonus spins. I get a $1 a referral and you can too get the same once you sign-up and start referring people to it too.

Day Three is next….Click Here



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