Day Twelve Of 30 Day Qriket Challenge Making Money Is The Goal

For this 30 day qriket challenge, I am limiting myself to free spins from viewing daily ads, free spin codes from qriket’s social media accounts and referrals by getting others to sign up for the app. Even though there are additional ways to earn money from it such as using your credits to purchase extra spins, challenge opponents, live tournaments, these are at a risk of losing what is earned already. To guarantee making money from this qriket game app, then have to play it safe by using the sure methods. It is slow at this point but I am not losing anything, just gaining daily.

if you would like to join me in having some fun and earning money too, then download the app from google play or app store, sign up with my referral code 322B50 to get your 25 bonus spins and you are on your way to earning money, just like that.

Referrals are an important aspect of earning from this app, because you get $1 a referral which can add up especially if you can get many to download and sign up for the app. Since it’s free, gives some spare time fun on top of earning money from it, then should be no problem getting others to sign up. But so far none, just can’t understand that at all as people download many apps to their phones, play games etc.

I don’t spend much time on the app for this challenge, just a few minutes a day to watch ads and take my spins. But I am now trying to do some promotion for it so I can get referrals as free spins from viewing ads is only giving on average .25 per day as am not hitting any big amount spins and I’m not fast enough (nor do I have the time) to chase around for free spin codes.

Okay day twelve here we go…happy spinning!

Day twelve results: Out of the 10 spins from viewing ads I got, won 5 at .05 each for a total of .25 bringing the balance to $3.60. I got a $25 spin which gave a bit of excitement but of course landed on the opposite colorDay’s 2016-07-13-18-59-45

The qriket app can be downloaded from google play or app store. Sign up with the referral code 322B50 to get you started with 25 spins and earning money right away.

Day thirteen is next…Click Here 

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