Day Twenty Four Of 30 Day Qriket Challenge Making Money With Homeless Ian

The goal on day 24 of my 30 day qriket challenge was wherever I stopped by on my errands, to hand out slips promoting the qriket app that I had printed off. I only ended up handing out a few as ran into Homeless Ian and he gladly took over for me (click here for more about him).

People tend to be leery even if something is free, as they always think there is some catch, which is understandable as many things are that appear to be free. The only catch in this app is that to earn spins you have to watch a few ads, which isn’t anything different than on youtube or any site you visit, but the difference is they don’t pay you but qriket does as they share their ad revenue.

Qriket is a fun way to earn money. It’s not going to make you rich but a little extra cash never hurt by playing a spin the wheel game in your spare time. It’s free to download from google play or app store, and when sign up with the referral code 322B50 you get 25 bonus spins to start earning from.

Is 6 days left in this challenge and am still hopeful that I can make more money off it. I probably should have done some premarketing efforts before I started this challenge as especially needed both my social media accounts and blog built up which weren’t as were new. Oh well, it’s in hindsight now, and as they say live and learn.

Okay day twenty four here we go…happy spinning!

Day twenty four results: Out of 9 spins earned from viewing ads, won only 2 (1 at .10 and 2nd at .05) for a total of .15 bringing the balance to $13.30.  Had high numbered ones like $50 but didn’t hit those. No referrals today but maybe there will be an after effect from the marketing efforts…like after the challenge is over. 😀


Download the free qriket app from google play or app store. Sign up with referral code 322B50 to get your 25 bonus spins. Start spinning and having fun earning money!

Day twenty five is next…Click Here

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  • I can only do the live games. I can’t find the spin wheel anymore. Did they take the spin wheel away. Is it only live games now?

    • Yes they have changed things now and is only live games. Unfortunately that is not good for those who just want to spin the wheel at anytime. Now you have to play only at scheduled times using either free spins from viewing ads or spin codes. They also have a qriket plus membership too. I will be updating a post about the new qriket soon.

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