Day Twenty Eight Of 30 Day Qriket Challenge To Making Money Or Not

It’s day 28 of my 30 day challenge to make money from this qriket spin the wheel game app. With 2 days left to go, time is running out!

There was a free spin code on instagram for the first 2500 users but I missed it, as checked hours later, and those are usually gone in minutes. Having not caught any spin codes during this challenge, there haven’t been any earnings from that part of the sure methods to make money from this app, as has only been from free spins from ads viewed and referrals.

At this rate, it doesn’t look like I will even get to the cash out by the end of this challenge let alone a $1,000 goal. I did see a $1,000 spin, for the very first time, on my other account, but of course didn’t hit it as landed on the other color than the one I selected.

Okay day twenty eight here we go…happy spinning!

Day twenty eight results: Out of 8 spins for the day, only 1 was won at .05 bringing the balance to $14.55. A lousy day for spins!


Want to give the free qriket app a try and see if you can fare better? Download it from google play or app store, sign up with referral code 322B50 and start making money with 25 bonus spins.

Day twenty nine is next…Click Here

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