Day One of 30 Day Qriket Challenge To Make Money

I found this free app in the google play store when I was searching for money making apps. Thought it was a simple cool app to try so downloaded it to my smartphone, which also can be downloaded from the app store as well. The great thing about it is doesn’t cost a thing and you can win real money anywhere from $.05 to $1,000 just by selecting blue or yellow on a spin of the wheel. It’s part of their unique marketing idea where they share the revenue of the ads displayed on their app. A win win, so to speak, for qriket, advertisers and app users. I used a referral code when signing up so I could get my 25 bonus spins. If you want to join me in this challenge then make sure when signing up you use my referral code 322B50 (zero at end) so you too can get your free bonus spins.

There are 4 ways to get free spins, one by using a referral code when signing up where you get 25 bonus spins ( ), second by watching short ads daily which usually is around 10 per day, third by following or checking their instagram, twitter or snapchat accounts where they regularly give free spin codes for bonus spins or fourth by using the spin locator to find participating businesses  that will give spin codes on your receipt like in a specific place you eat or shop at (I wouldn’t though call this free since it is costing you to eat or shop there but if eating or shopping there anyway then guess can count as a free spin code)


You can also use your credits you earned to buy extra spins in the spin shop or take part of their qriket live tournament which costs some spins/credits which usually has a nice payout like $200 or $300 but you have to be the last one standing to win that, meaning correctly guessing every spin where it will land on yellow or blue. Also, they have a challenge section, where you can spin your credits against other opponents like yourself.

It doesn’t take much of your time so is good when taking a quick break, bored or even on the go from anywhere you are at.

I will only be using free spins, referrals ($1 per referral) and possibly their qriket live tournament (only if it is free) to see if I can make money from this app and how much in 30 days. Sure you can use your credits to get further spins but then are taking the chance that you will lose those credits as likely will get carried away, spending more time than is necessary and in the end not earning anything, having to start over again. It then only becomes a fun-if-winning or not-fun-if-losing game instead of a source to earn extra money because the catch is you have to accumulate $25 before you can cashout to paypal. So the odds are against you if you don’t master self-control and focus on the end goal to make money from it, which means limit your time on it to only a few minutes a day so you don’t get carried away.

Again, if you would like to try out the qriket app, make sure you use my referral code 322B50 (zero at end) when signing up to get your 25 bonus spins otherwise you will have to earn those spins by watching the ads,but and if you do both you will have around 35 spins for the day.

I’ll probably be operating like the turtle in the tortoise hare race…so let’s see if the turtle can win using the approach not to work hard but to work smart…slow but sure.

Okay here goes and happy spinning everyone!

Day one results: I started with 25 bonus spins from the referral code ( ) I used to sign-up plus I got 10 free spins from ads I viewed today, so in total 35 spins and I earned a whopping…. $1.00 for a few minutes of my time.

Day two is next…Click Here

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