What Have They Done To Qriket? 30 Day Qriket Challenge A Year Later

A year ago, I did a 30-day qriket challenge to see if I could make any money off the app. If you followed along, you would have known that it wasn’t much, not even to cash out the $25 minimum payout. I was playing it safe by only using free spins from viewing ads and free spin codes, not taking any risks by buying spins or challenging other users. If you are new to the app and wanted to review the 30 days you can do so by clicking here

Since that time, I basically gave up on it and got a little impatient to reach the $25 so I could cash out, and took some chances like with buying spins and challenging other qriket users, it didn’t pay off and I was left with a balance of $6.25, even lower than the end balance of $15.35 when I completed the 30 day qriket challenge. I got a couple 25 cent referrals since then which brought it up to $6.75. Whoopee!


Things though sure have changed since then as now they only have qriket live games, no more spin the wheel on the app itself or challenge other users in your spare time. You can still get free spins by viewing ads and from spin codes but you can only use those for the qriket live games.  So you don’t need as many anymore as there is only like 3 live games a day, Monday to Friday, which only costs 5 spins each to play. And every round has a payout from .05 and up, so you do win something every round you last, and the grand prize of $200 goes to the last person standing or shared if is more than one.

There is one thing exciting they added to the qriket live games is that there is a million dollar prize, yes you have a chance to win a million dollars but there’s a catch. It has to consecutively hit the same color, blue or gold, 15 rounds before it becomes a million dollar game, then it continues from there as the next spins you have to get right, which can be either color, to be a winner, and depending on how many are still left which I would gather by that round would be just a handful. I’m just wondering though if you are the last person on the 15th round, I would think you would be the winner as why would have to guess the next spin if not up against anyone so I assume you would be.

Referrals are still .25 so if you would like to try the app and get your 25 bonus spins which you can use to enter the qriket live games, then please use my referral code  322B50  Although I only get 25 cents (used to be a $1) per referral, I guess it could add up over a (very) long period of time so I could finally cash out (right now I’m sitting at $7.05 as I did try a few of those qriket live games)!

There is also now qriket plus which you have to be a member but doesn’t cost you any spins to enter the qriket plus games. The payout is higher, eg. round one starts at .50 and the grand prize is $400. This game is exclusive to members but right now it doesn’t seem like is frequent enough, maybe 1 or 2 times a week. And you can cash out out anytime even if it’s a dollar. Some perks but is it worth paying the membership fees ($16.99 for 1 month, $38.97 for 3 months or $53.94 for 6 months), I’m not so sure of but it’s doubtful would lean to your favor as the games aren’t frequent enough and it wouldn’t pay them to have membership fees if they were going to pay out more than what they earn from the membership. I guess that would be your answer.

If I were to try the qriket plus, I would do it out of their money not mine, so say I had a balance sitting at $17 or so, just to try to draw some money out of the game, because it would be hard to hit the $25 payout unless you daily played all the qriket live games and if got lucky in lasting more rounds and/or lasting to the last round hitting the grand prize.

I would do another qriket 30-day challenge to test but to be honest with you, I don’t have that kind of time where I have to play only at designated times and then listen to a half hour or so of chatter waiting for each spin, just to make a few cents to a few dollars, as highly unlikely would win the $200 grand prize. The qriket guys would have to pay me to test the qriket live or qriket plus because I have to be guaranteed to earn enough money to put that kind of time into it!

I think by them taking out the feature of spinning the wheel and challenging others at your convenience, they took the spur of the moment fun out of it. Maybe those who like the live action and have a lot of time on their hands, works out well for them. But it’s not enough money to spend the time on the live games, just hoping you win the grand prize, for a few cents or dollars you earn for each round until you get eliminated, or the million dollar prize, which the odds are probably well into the millions for that.

Do though give it a try by downloading the free qriket app from google play or app store.  Use my referral code 322B50 , to get your 25 bonus spins, and let me know how you fared in the comment section.

*Update: They did bring back the wheel which you can spin at your leisure but it costs 3 spins or .05 for every spin. You have to view ads, find free spin codes or pay from your cash balance to get the spins. The prizes you can win are free spins and cash amounts ranging from .05 to $500, but if the spin lands on “sorry” you get nothing. They also changed things again by taking out qriket plus (whoever paid for that is out of luck). That is the problem with them, they are all over the place with the structure of the live games and qriket itself. I guess whatever way works best for them to earn the most money would be my conclusion. I would suggest just play it for fun, when you have nothing else to do, not as a way to make any serious money or waste your time on.

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  • Trust me. It got worse since then! Now no qriket plus and only 10 spins and the payouts are awful!!
    10 spins right out of 10 -however many people win that split 300 dollars
    9 spins out of ten split 150 dollars
    And 8 spins out of 10 split 50 dollars.
    Thats all. No more

    • Yes it is getting more nonsense. Who has time to wait and play those live games anyway? The only good thing now is they added a wheel again which you spin at your leisure. Although it has up to a $500 payout, chances of hitting that are next to slim. You need 3 credits to play so either have to view ads or get free spin codes to get them or pay .05 out of your cash balance for each spin. In trying that, mostly I got either free spins or .05 and one time hit .25 But you do get a lot of landings on that “sorry” and get zippo. 🙁

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