Rising To The Top Of Life’s Roller Coaster Only To Go Downhill Fast Is Not Fun

You have to admit life can be a roller coaster ride and we can be our own worst enemy at times, especially when we sit in a place of hurt. Some years back I was sitting very comfortably in a big house that had doubled in value from when my husband & I bought it, sizeable investments, life only looked to be getting better. But then the marriage broke down, we split, recession hit, lost value in my investments, downhill it went.

It became harder for me to afford the house on my own, though I tried for a few years depleting my savings as my income had decreased. I was feeling let down in life so didn’t fight for what I had, threw in the towel and sold it for less than it was worth.

That’s my biggest regret because that house was my sanctuary, gave me peace of mind even though it was a struggle in paying all the monthly bills on my own. It was the ultimate achievement of all the discipline and smart investment decisions I made. But I let my guard down and then it swept away.

It wasn’t a good feeling from being a homeowner to apartment dweller, paying rent instead of a mortgage payment, but I didn’t want to move back in with my family feeling like I failed as an adult. But rents were high and it seemed a waste of money paying someone else’s mortgage. I tried for a year but then decided to move in with family so could save the money to get another more affordable place when house prices weren’t as high.

When you have lived on your own, it isn’t easy going back to live with family, especially when you are an independent person like myself who likes to do things my own way and values my privacy. There definitely is a clashing of personalities and ideas, where family tends to judge you more harshly than any friend or even stranger would do. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do when you have a setback and you need to get from A to B.

I just brushed myself off and put the focus ahead to what I want to achieve. What I have lost is done and over with so is no use dwelling on the past, whether should have done this or that in hindsight. Maybe sometimes things happen for a reason to learn from and make yourself stronger. My mantra now is “I’ve achieved before and I can achieve again”.

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