Make Kindness Great Again – A Kind Stranger’s Gift Renewed My Faith In Humanity

I surely understand the saying that no good deed goes unpunished as have been facing that with my family in recent months. I have done so much over the years to help them be in the better position they are today and how do I get repaid, with continual stress, arguments and purposely go against me. Or you could call it, kick the person when they are down. When it’s your time of need, you really know who your friends are and in this case who your family are.

But that is what is wrong with this world, and certainly it starts within the family but extends to all around which many down on their luck face.

Unfortunately, people are generally selfish and do put significant value on money, and if you have the lack of it and are needing help, it automatically puts you in a lower class position where you receive judgment, instead of support.

And just to show you an example. My laptop broke down and I was so frustrated as was already under stress about other things then, on top, my source for earning income was letting me down too.

So out of the blue, and out of frustration, I put an ad on kijiji saying “desperately need a laptop”. I was asking if someone had a spare one and was willing to trade for something, but basically asking for a free one.
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I guess it was a test on humanity too because of course I did get the judgmental responses like go get a job at McDonald’s (like everyone can and should work there) or I have nerve asking for a free one like I’m some entitled teenager. Even one said they were reporting me because thought I was asking for free laptops to resell. It was the free section so why wouldn’t I be able to ask for something free? It’s not like I was scamming anyone to get one when stating exactly what I was would pay for it, which was absolutely nothing. So on top of getting judged by family, now also by strangers.

But you know what, there was a silver lining as one kind lady emailed me that I could have hers and went out of her way to meet me to give me her laptop. She said it had only been used once or twice because it wasn’t the kind she liked to use for herself, and it had been sitting on her shelf for over a year. It was very well taken care of, like new, plus had a nice case too. She didn’t want anything for it as long as I make use of it (which of course I did and am still doing).

I didn’t go empty-handed though, as I gave her some decorative christmas ornaments which were given as a gift to me out of a good deed I did for someone else. I gave to her as a gift in the same way for the kind deed she did for me. She didn’t want to take it, as said wasn’t expecting anything in return, and especially didn’t want to take a gift that was given to me. But I told her that gift was part of kindness and I wanted to spread the same by giving to her. She took it graciously.

Even though the acer laptop was worth more than what I gave her, I didn’t feel I just took it for nothing without acknowledging the kindness she showed toward me. We definitely need more kind people like her to renew our faith in humanity!

As Donald Trump would say “make america great again”, let’s make kindness great again,too!


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