Is Facebook Making You Feel Out Of Place?

Facebook I use mainly for business purposes and, even then, is not that significant. I have a personal facebook page but haven’t been on it much in months now. I mainly used it to find and stay in touch with old friends. It was great at first connecting with all of them, reminiscing old times, but after awhile a couple issues came up with a friend that I tried to help.

After a couple good deeds backfired, she became spiteful, unfriended me and we haven’t spoken since. And that is the sad part because we were good friends in school and never had any problems then.

Should I blame facebook? I don’t know. People can be weird sometimes.

On top of that, she had started another issue with another sort of friend (meaning one I knew in school but didn’t hang around) who had told her I was bragging and didn’t like me anyway when we were in school. I was sharing a milestone about a family member and was accused of bragging (behind my back).

Hello, all people must be bragging on facebook since that’s all I see them sharing stuff about themself, their family, their travels, pets, cars, etc.

That then involved one more person (which I confronted) because I thought that wasn’t nice to say. Of course he wanted to explain and somehow I didn’t get his long message he said he sent.

In any case, not long after, he cancelled his account and disappeared off facebook since he and my friend had it publicly out (on facebook) for things that happened when he traveled to visit her in her town.

Probably couldn’t handle the stress of hanging out with old friends on facebook. Gee this is worse than being in elementary school!

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At this time I find it to be more stressful to be on facebook because I’m not in a place in life where I want to be and not comfortable sharing my personal life with past friends, casual friends, friends of friends, and so on. Sure people share their day to day life but it also is a place where I think you can get misunderstood and judged if you aren’t leading a spectacular life or if you are, then you look like you are flaunting it in their face and bragging like you are better than them. You can’t win either way.

Everyone is sharing their milestones, travels, etc. and if you aren’t in the same league then you will feel out of place.

Sure I mention in my blog some personal things but not to the extent to know who these people are that I am referring to. Plus it’s my blog (my domain, my terms) not facebook where if you share personal things, and they comment or like, then their friends (who you don’t know) also get to know your things. That part I don’t like when they comment or like your things, their friends, who I don’t know, also see your personal convo. I suppose you can adjust privacy settings but really how private is facebook.

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That’s one good thing about having your own a blog, you have a place to vent and share what you want without the intrusion of so-called facebook friends.

I don’t discuss personal things anymore on my facebook page, only through private messaging. Since I haven’t been hanging around my personal facebook page lately, even none of that is going on, as thus far I haven’t chosen to download the facebook messenger for the obvious reasons mentioned.

Besides if I’m going to hang around facebook like they do, I would get zero accomplished in my day. Mark Zuckerberg has set it up that you keep hanging around so his company benefits and grows richer than they already are. Many are addicted to all that facebook stuff and to me is time wasted that could be used elsewhere.

I would rather use facebook to grow my online business, if I have time to do so!

Since I’m now focusing my time on Pinterest, it doesn’t involve that type of time-wasting interaction like Facebook does as the focus is sharing pins for my blog posts. Pinterest is especially great for those who like to keep to themselves or are mainly concentrating on making money from their blogs and growing their online business (like me).

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What do you think about Facebook? Have you had any bad experiences on Facebook?


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